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Eastern Series Fisher Green Open

I would like to congratulate the great people at Fishers Green for their lovely welcome and hospitality.  Fifteen boats took part ranging from a very early woody to the newest Ovington boat.

Bacon rolls on arrival, curry for lunch plus a very nice snacking buffet at the prize giving - the way to any Phantom open event sailor's heart.  All that and some fantastic racing. What a blast!

But it could have all been so different. Not the food and the hospitality, that was a given, but because we arrived to a zephyr of a breeze and a not too promising forecast.

After the bacon rolls and briefing the decision was made to drift out to the course and at least attempt some sort of racing. Then, out of nowhere, wham a good strong southerly which set up a windward leeward course using the full length of the lake.  

Three great races followed.  There were casualties, there was some incidents,  people swam. Most sailors headed out in clothing suitable for a light wind drifter and found the water temperature not to their liking. The sometimes strong and shifting gusts made the beats very interesting with the whole width of the lake opening up for use, islands could be passed on different sides and as I found out by following local Nick Yannakoyoros, there was even a fantastic lifter up the edge of a forest.

Matt House showed that a consistent winter racing regime pays dividends with a convincing double race winning victory.

Bob Portway and Chris Roberts had nothing between them by the end of the day except on count back.

Another great sail was had by the three woodies but unfortunately Ian Simpson lost his forestay so could only complete the first race.

Matt Aldous-Horne was a little too good in his woody 438 and really showed what a well sailed £200 boat could do.  His third race start was textbook stuff and it looked very much as though he would be first round the windward mark.

After the let down of the first round at Island Barn being all but wiped out by the Beast from the East it was great to get going again.  Until the next one at Waveney and Oulton Broad Yacht Club on 9th June thanks to everyone both afloat and ashore that made this a memorable event.  Did I mention I was fifth?

1. Matthew House 1432 Alton Water SC
2. Bob Portway 1334 Alton Water SC
3. Chris Roberts 1395 Creeksea SC
4. Nick Yannakoyoros 1291 Fishers Green SC
5. Eric Howe 1404 Creeksea SC

Optimum Time Watches Southern Phantom Travellers Series Round 3 at Bowmoor Sailing Club

Phantom Open Saturday 14th April. First race approx 11.00am. Entry is on the day from 09h00 with a fee of £15 payable at the registration desk (cash only). The Registration Fee includes tea/coffee and a bacon roll on arrival.

We are expecting fierce competition with some of the fleets top guns entering after this weekends training camp at Castle Cove Weymouth. Great club, huge car park with easy launching into a lake packed with Phantoms !!
See you there


Optimum Time Watches Phantom Southern and Eastern Travellers at Island Barn Sailing Club.

Icy roads & snow significantly reduced attendance at this popular joint Southern & Eastern Travellers event. However, three Phantoms  did start without initial mishap in a strong NE wind.


Halfway through race one   Richard Barker's escapade was soon over when his sail shredded in a prolonged heavy gust. After leading throughout John Oldham had to settle for 2nd on Steve's 57th birthday when he chose the wrong finish mark.  Steve who borrowed Ivan Walsh's famous Prawn Star for the event decided to call it a day as his icy mainsheet began slipping through frozen fingers. 


Incredibly, John went on to complete race two & three alone and take the overall win.  A genuine local hero !!  


Sincere thanks to Island Barn for cheerfully putting on this event which was run to their usual high standard in challenging conditions


1st   1351  John Oldham        Island Barn SC

2nd  1300  Steve Popple        Shoreham SC

3rd   1289  Richard Barker     Island Barn SC

2018 Optimum Time Watches Southern Travellers Series

7th March Island Barn ( joint with east region)
17th March Winbleball
14th April Bowmoor
POSH May 12th-13th
23rd 24th June Lee on Solent
7th 8th July Weymouth
14th 15th July Downs
6th 7th October Salcombe
10th November Burghfield

Optimum Time have kindly sponsored the 2018 Southern Phantom Travellers Series and we have a calendar of 8 events with 4 to count. For the start of the season we have a choice of venues at each end of the region...
Some very nice venues to race and socialize at including a first time visit for the Phantom fleet to the exquisite Salcombe in sunny Devon !!

Island Barn Phantom Open 17th March
Entry Fee £18 to include afternoon cream tea
Welcome and briefing 10.30am (club opens at 9.00am)
Start of first race 11.00hrs
Schedule 4 races, best 3 to count

Wimbleball Phantom Open 17th March
Entry Fee £15 to include hot meal
Welcome and briefing not later than 30 minutes before the initial start
Start of first race not before 11.30

Looking forward to another great season and seeing some new faces travelling, it's how you will improve !!!

2018 Class Subs

A Thank you to everybody who has paid their subs for 2018 . I would like to put the files away for a while so if you are going to rejoin the association I would be grateful if the overdue payments are made soon . If you need a certificate please email me the details at the same time. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)




Event Date  Area
Blackwater Icicle  20th January E
Island Barn 17th March E and S
Wimball Beastie 17th March S
Glossop SC 18th March N
Fishers Green 7th April E
Pennine SC 8th April N
Bowmoor 14th April S
Leigh and Lowton SC 22nd April N
Delph SC 12th May N
Shoreham - Cancelled  19th / 20th May S
Northampton 26th / 27th May Inland Championships
WOBYC 9th June E
Blithfield SC 10th June
Yorkshire Dales SC 17th June N
Creeksea 16th / 17th June E
Lee on Solent 23rd / 24th June S
Weymouth Dinghy Regatta 7th / 8th July S
Royal Windermere YC 14th / 15th July N
Downs 14th / 15th July S
RHYC 14th / 15th July E
Southwold 4th / 5th August  E
Burnham Week 25th / 26th / 27th August E
Felixstowe SC 7th / 8th / 9th Sept National Championships
Port Dinorwic SC 16th Sept N
Shustoke Open 23rd Sept M
Hickling Broad SC 29th / 30th September E
Salcombe 6th / 7th October S
Alton Water 20th / 21st October E
Grafham 3rd November Winter Championships
Burghfield 10th November S
Yorkshire Dales SC TBC N


Optimum Time Watches Phantom Southern Travellers at Burghfield Sailing Club

By Rob Starling

A light breeze met the 11 who turned up to compete in the Phantom Open hosted at Burghfield Sailing Club. 3 local sailors were joined by travellers from across the south, several keen to secure a top position in this the final event in the Southern Phantom Traveller Series.

In keeping with other classes to visit Burghfield this year, the Sprint Race format was used. Quick fire racing with races of around 20 minutes each. This format certainly puts an emphasis on a good start, (great practice for the big fleet events in the calendar) but equally good tight racing through to the end.

In total 7 races were run, perhaps it could have been more, but the wind was fickle and the Race Officer did a sterling job in testing conditions.

The first bullet of the day went to ex Phantom sailor Doug Powell, who’d borrowed Alex Reeve’s old boat for the day, (and is still getting used to his new one), with series leader Nick Orman coming in 2nd.

The conditions for the 2nd race were the lightest of all, but saw another local sailor Rob Starling take the bullet, with Simon Hawkes coming in 2nd. At one point Nick was seen heading back to shore, on the edge of calling it a day, but just at the last minute the wind picked up slightly. Good news for him as he rolled in with a win in the 3rd with Doug coming in 2nd.

What Spinach is to Popeye , Carbs are to Hawke’s, because after lunch the surge began. 3 of the 4 races were wins, with Starling taking the other. The final positions saw Hawkes take top prize and getting his name on the trophy , again. With Starling, Powell and Orman taking up the next 3 places.

A special mention has to go to the Sea sailors who made the trip inland on a light and testing day. The final results reflect that they all mixed it up interchanging results throughout the day and keeping the racing tight throughout the fleet.

Optimum Time Watches Southern Phantom travellers Series Round 10 at Burghfield Sailing Club on the Saturday 11th November

Saturday 11 November marks the last event in the 2017 Phantom Southern Series, hosted by Burghfield Sailing Club.

There’s still much to be decided in the series, with even series leader Nick Orman not being safe, should Chris Shelton make the long trip across country or Paul Birbeck score a top finish.

Last year’s champ, Ivan Walsh, is presently third but he could also come under threat for the last berth on the rostrum by a number of competitors, including his very own club mate, Steve Popple – Who will get the bragging rights.

The first race will start at 10.30, with a briefing set for 9.45. Further information can be found on the Burghfield website, including the ability to register early and enjoy a reduced entry price. 

Optimum Time Watches Phantom Southern Travellers at Bowmoor Sailing Club

Fifteen boats attended the Phantom Open at Bowmoor SC on the 14th October, 10 visitors and 5 from Bowmoor. It was an overcast day with winds oscillating between 5 and 10 mph with plenty of direction changes.

All 3 races got away first time and in Race 1, Olly Hopkins (Bowmoor) was first to the windward mark followed by Jim Hopton (Shustoke) and Dean Griffiths (Bowmoor). It was a close tussle at the front but Jim dropped back when he infringed at the windward mark and had to do a 720. Mike Tustin (Bowmoor) then established a clear lead with Dean and Olly battling for second place. On the last lap Dean went high and was passed by Tom Whittingham (Bowmoor) and Pete Barnstable (Sutton Bingham) who both got a nice gust while Dean was in a wind free area.
For Race 2 Nick Orman (Castle Cove) got an excellent Start on the pin end and was first to the windward mark followed by Leigh Riddell (Broadwater SC) and Jim Hopton. Jim went into the lead and stayed there until the end followed by Nick and Mike Tustin.

2017 Eastern Series Results

Massive congratulations to Chris Roberts of Creeksea Sailing Club, who has clinched this years Eastern Series.  Final results can be found below and full results for the complete series can be found here http://www.phantomclass.org.uk/events/eastern-results

Overall Eastern Results 2017

Sailed: 6, Discards: 2, To count: 4, Entries: 47, Scoring system: Appendix A
Boat SailNo HelmName Island Barn Fishers Green Creeksea Stone Oulton Broad Alton Water Total Nett
Gromit 1395 Chris Roberts (48.0 DNC) 5.0 2.0 1.0 3.0 (8.0) 67.0 11.0
  1266 Ben Falat (48.0 DNC) 4.0 9.0 (48.0 DNC) 1.0 2.0 112.0 16.0
  1320 Roger Smith (9.0) (48.0 DNC) 7.0 3.0 5.0 6.0 78.0 21.0
Paris 1256 Eric Howe (13.0) 8.5 6.0 (48.0 DNC) 7.0 12.0 94.5 33.5
Cheese Board 1244 Bill Taylor (48.0 DNC) 12.0 (13.0) 5.0 8.0 11.0 97.0 36.0
  1443 Phil Longley 11.0 (48.0 DNC) 1.0 2.0 (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 158.0 62.0
  1184 Graham Dale-Jones 17.0 (48.0 DNC) (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 6.0 9.0 176.0 80.0
  1430 Tim Gold (48.0 DNC) (48.0 DNC) 3.0 6.0 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 201.0 105.0
  1291 Nick (48.0 DNC) 8.5 (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 4.0 48.0 DNC 204.5 108.5
  1233 Warren Martin (48.0 DNC) (48.0 DNC) 8.0 7.0 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 207.0 111.0
  1420 Clive Morley 10.0 7.0 (48.0 DNC) (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 209.0 113.0
  1378 Jonathon Puffler (48.0 DNC) (48.0 DNC) 12.0 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 13.0 217.0 121.0
  1432 Matt House (48.0 DNC) (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 1.0 241.0 145.0
  1347 Chris Biglin (48.0 DNC) 1.0 (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 241.0 145.0
  14 Simon Hawkes 1.0 (48.0 DNC) (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 241.0 145.0
  1394 Nick Favell (48.0 DNC) (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 2.0 48.0 DNC 242.0 146.0
  1280 Ian Stone (48.0 DNC) 2.0 (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 242.0 146.0
  1438 Mike Tustin 2.0 (48.0 DNC) (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 242.0 146.0
  1334 Bob Portway (48.0 DNC) (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 3.0 243.0 147.0
  1400 Jim Hopton (48.0 DNC) 3.0 (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 243.0 147.0
  1414 Steve Popple 3.0 (48.0 DNC) (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 243.0 147.0
  1349 Daren Pike (48.0 DNC) (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 4.0 244.0 148.0
  1362 Will Gulliver (48.0 DNC) (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 4.0 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 244.0 148.0
  1439 Rod Thorpe (48.0 DNC) (48.0 DNC) 4.0 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 244.0 148.0
  1419 Paul Birbeck 4.0 (48.0 DNC) (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 244.0 148.0
  1415 Paul Church (48.0 DNC) (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 5.0 245.0 149.0
  1204 Olly Moon (48.0 DNC) (48.0 DNC) 5.0 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 245.0 149.0
  1386 Nick Mason 5.0 (48.0 DNC) (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 245.0 149.0
  904 Paul Bidwell (48.0 DNC) 6.0 (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 246.0 150.0
  1351 John Oldham 6.0 (48.0 DNC) (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 246.0 150.0
  1305 Ian Miller (48.0 DNC) (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 7.0 247.0 151.0
  1300 Ivan Walsh 7.0 (48.0 DNC) (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 247.0 151.0
Manta 349 Stewart Legrove (48.0 DNC) (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 8.0 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 248.0 152.0
  1289 Richard Barker 8.0 (48.0 DNC) (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 248.0 152.0
  1241 James Oxley (48.0 DNC) (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 10.0 250.0 154.0
  1115 Marc Ellis (48.0 DNC) (48.0 DNC) 10.0 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 250.0 154.0
  1350 Ken Daniels (48.0 DNC) 10.0 (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 250.0 154.0
  1022 Ian Simons (48.0 DNC) (48.0 DNC) 11.0 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 251.0 155.0
  1245   (48.0 DNC) 11.0 (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 251.0 155.0
  12 Olly Hopkins 12.0 (48.0 DNC) (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 252.0 156.0
  1111   (48.0 DNC) 13.0 (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 253.0 157.0
  1057 Gareth Thomas (48.0 DNC) (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 14.0 254.0 158.0
  897   (48.0 DNC) 14.0 (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 254.0 158.0
  1451 Jon Nuttall 14.0 (48.0 DNC) (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 254.0 158.0
  1098 Simon Neale (48.0 DNC) (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 15.0 255.0 159.0
  1408 Alex Dawson 15.0 (48.0 DNC) (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 255.0 159.0
  1167 Dave Patrick 16.0 (48.0 DNC) (48.0 DNC) 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 48.0 DNC 256.0 160.0


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