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Phantom Open at Fishers Green Sailing Club


Fishers Green Phantom Open © Kevin O'Brian


Fishers Green SC held their Phantom open meeting on 7th May, as part of their eastern travellers series. The competitors asked for four races so that is what they got.

Weather forecasting predicted a northerly wind which was destined to swing dramatically to easterly later in the day or maybe later, possibly during the night, depending on which computer model you looked at? In the event the northerly was there in time for kick-off, and the two morning races gave decent upwind legs despite some significant wind-shifts both left and right.

Both races in the morning were won by Ben Falat who seemed to have the measure of the conditions, choosing best how to work the shifts up the beat and how to choose the best route downwind past the island to the bottom mark. He did not in any manner have things totally his own way with Chris Roberts challenging strongly actually all day; during the first race Chris (claiming lack-of practice) and while leading narrowly, then capsized in a tight mark-rounding gybe which gift Ben gratefully accepted. Wherever in the fleet, there were personal grouped battles going on.

Fishers Green Phantom Open © Kevin O'Brian

A leisurely chilli lunch prepared by Jane O'Brian, was followed by two more races but the wind was threatening to shift to the right and the course was re-set.

Graham Dale-Jones took an early lead for race three which turned into another personal battle to Clive Morley's advantage (to loud whoops of personal delight as he crossed the line with his first win!); also Ben gradually whittled away an early lapse into a late overtake for second place. Ben had now already unassailably won the event.

Fishers Green Phantom Open © Kevin O'Brian

For the final race the predicted easterly breeze had almost arrived, calling for a further rotation of the course as it appeared to settle in the northeast and that was where it thankfully stayed. Clive Morley won his second afternoon race, but only after Chris' second scorning of a lead; mid-race, with Chris comfortably leading he found himself under attack by a tight swarm of Comets which he was trying to work his way through, but too many and too much violent alteration of course saw him swimming for a second time. Thus following an earlier pair of third-places Clive having brought himself to within a single point of Ben Falat's then thankfully didn't quite need any tiebreaks.

Offering 'Phantastic" hospitality the host club did themselves proud yet again. The Phantom Class really enjoys re-visiting this 'Phriendliest' venue and is grateful for the reception.

Overall Results:

1st      Ben Falat         (Waveney & Oulton)   4pts
2nd     Clive Morley    (Minnis Bay)                5pts
3rd     Chris Roberts   (Creeksea)                  8pts



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