Optimum Time Watches Phantom Southern Travellers Round 3 at Frensham Pond SC Saturday 23rd of April

The forecast is thankfully calmer than last year and the lighter winds might even give us a chance to halt the excellent run of series wins by Super Simon Hawkes !! Another fairly central location at a very welcoming club.

Briefing: 1015
Phantom Prep: 1055
Phantom first start : 1100

Schedule of races: 4 – 2 back to back in the morning, lunch, then 2 back to back in the afternoon. Three results to count. The first and last races will be simpler and shorter than the other two.
Entry fee: Phantoms £10.

Bacon butties and coffee served from 0915, lunch available.
Frensham free tea.
Plenty of parking, easy launching off jetties.

Sailing Instructions available on the day

Come and have some fun at Frensham